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Firetweaker XP 1.0

Firefox logoPeople from the website Flexbeta have released a final version of Firetweaker XP 1.0. This little app is used to tweak Mozilla Firefox, currently the best available browser. It contains 20 different optimizations and tweaks and it runs in Windows.

You can get it here: Firetweaker XP 1.0



Linux keyboard from Cherry

While browsing Tom's Hardware Guide for news I found out that Cherry (quite a popular manufacturer of keyboards here in Slovenia) is going to release a new keyboard in September. What is so special about it is that it will be specifically designed for Linux. Can't wait to buy it. No more hurting my eyes watching the ugly Windows logo. Tux is so muuuuuch cuter :)

You can read more here: Cherry will offer Linux keyboard



KDE 3.3 is here

KDE logoThe new highly anticipated version of popular Linux desktop KDE is now officially out. There are a lot of bugfixes and new features. Some new apps have also become part of KDE as of version 3.3 such as KolourPaint. You can read the official announcement here. I am glad that I could also contribute to such a great project. In addition to most of the apps from educational package I also completed the translation of an excellent instant messaging app named Kopete. In total 75 % of user interface is translated into Slovenian language.

Binaries and source code are available for download here: K Desktop Environment 3.3



Saturn has two new moons

Cassini-Huygens spacecraft has discovered two new moons orbiting around planet Saturn. They are orbiting between Mimas and Enceladus and are about three and four kilometers in diameter. This brings the total number of Saturnian satellites to 33. You can read more about this here. Below is the image of one of the newly discovered moons.

One of the moons

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