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64-bit Catalyst for Windows XP for AMD64

ATI have finally released the much awaited 64-bit Catalyst drivers for 64-bit Windows XP for AMD64. I did some benchmarks with them (on ATI Radeon 9600 XT) and they have about the same performance as Catalyst 4.5 under 32-bit Windows XP. There is one big problem with them though. The 32-bit OpenGL driver doesn't work at all and crashes immediately when you try to start any 32-bit OpenGL application. I hope they fix this soon and that they release updated drivers ASAP. What we are still waiting for are the 64-bit Linux drivers. Let's hope ATI is working hard on them right now.



New cable modem

My old cable modem (NetGame Nemo) started to get really old and slow (especialy upload). It doesn't even support any of the Euro-DOCSIS standards. So we decided to call our cable company about this. After some whining and mentioning the competition they finaly agreed to replace my old modem with a new one. They installed Thomson TCM390, which is Euro-DOCSIS 1.1 compliant and 2.0 ready in hardware. After one day of using it I can say that it is runing a lot better. Ping times are shorter and upload is about 5 - 10 times faster now. I'm happy so far.



Mozilla 1.7 RC2

In case you still don't know this yet, the new version of one of the best browsers and e-mail clients is out. Offcourse I am talking about Mozilla which is at version 1.7 RC2 now. Do yourself a big favour and go get it here.


Probably you all know a somehow geeky webpage Slashdot.org which brings us many computer related stories everyday. Well today I found a new site called SlashNOT which is basicly making fun of computing. If you are looking for some fun then visit the page.



Graphical Portage frontends

I discovered an interesting little utility today while browsing new file releases on SourceForge.net. It is called Porthole and it is a graphical frontend for the Portage system in Gentoo Linux. It uses GTK toolkit and blends perfectly with GNOME. I also tried to find some Portage frontend for KDE. I found KPortage and Kemerge, but unfortunately they are both not actively developed anymore. There is also portageMaster which is a Java frontend.



Red Hat Summer Camp in Bohinj

When I woke up in the morning I started reading news on the internet, as usual. Among other things, I found out that in July (from 2nd to 11th) Red Hat Inc. and Housing Co. d.o.o are organizing an event called Red Hat Summer Camp. What makes it so great is that it is about Linux and that the event takes place in Bohinj where I live.

There will be six programs, where you will be able to learn about using Linux. And in addition to learning and conferencing there will also be some fun in form of various sport activities (kayaking, rafting, canyoning, mountain biking).

I hope to meet you there!


My first blog entry

This is my very first blog entry... ever. I'm writing it with Mozilla web browser on my Gentoo Linux computer.

I live in Bohinjska Bistrica which is a touristic town in a beautiful country called Slovenia (it just recently became part of the European Union). I study physics at University of Ljubljana. During the free time I write news and articles for a website Slo-Comp. I also take part in translating various software, mostly opensource, into slovenian language. I like reading and watching science fiction a lot and I am a big fan of Star Trek series. My favourite science fiction writer is Isaac Asimov. Like everyone else I also enjoy listening to music. Gangsta rap is what I prefer. My hobbies are astronomy and computers.

I think this is enough about me for the first time. I'll try to write as many blog entries as possible. Enjoy reading them...

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