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Broken Sword

After we have finished playing the two oldest games from the Monkey Island series (see this blog post) me and my sister are now playing the first two games from the Broken Sword adventure game series (The Shadow of the Templars and The Smoking Mirror). The graphics and sound may not be the best but the story is top notch, exactly what makes adventure games so great. There is also a third part, The Sleeping Dragon, which we finished some time ago and liked it a lot.


Firefox 1.0 RC1

Firefox logoVersion 1.0 of Firefox is coming soon and so we got the first release candidate to try out. This one is primarily meant for testing and bug reporting. You can get it here in a lot of different languages (Slovenian is also available, look for "sl-SI" in the filename). RC1 includes about 250 bug fixes since 1.0 PR. The final release of version 1.0 is expected on November 9th.



BOINC and distributed computing

I've been runing distributed computing projects on my computers for several years now. I started out with SETI@Home (which was the first of its kind and is still extremely popular), then I switched to D2OL (drug design and optimization) and now I decided to switch to one of the projects that run using the special BOINC client. There are several projects to choose from and I decided to join two of them for now: ClimatePrediction.net and LHC@Home (helping to build the Large Hadron Collider). I will also join Einstein@Home (helping to detect gravitational waves) when it becomes available. If you have some excess computational power, I encourage you to donate it to the science.



Wil Wheaton on Gnomedex

Wil WheatonWil Wheaton was one of the speakers on this year's Gnomedex 4.0. You probably all know him as cadet Wesley Crusher from Star Trek - The Next Generation. He is also an author of two books (Just a Geek and Dancing Barefoot), all-around a cool guy and, offcourse, a geek. He was talking about his life and also about blogging. You can download audio recordings from IT Conversations (part 1 and part 2). I am quite a regular reader of Wil's blog so I also added it to the blog links.



GNOME 2.8.0 finally in portage

It looks like GNOME 2.8.0 has finally made it into Gentoo Linux portage in unmasked form. This means it is probably safe to emerge it now and upgrade from 2.6 series. I'm doing it right now and I hope it all goes well and works fine after that. Version 2.8.0 contains quite a few new features. Screenshots are available here.



Geforce 6800 Unlocked

Right after I came back from Ljubljana I installed the new RivaTuner I was talking about a few days ago. I've then gradualy started to unlock the pipelines and run some benchmarks each time. It looks like my Leadtek WinFast A400 TDH is able to run just fine with all the pipelines unlocked. Quite a nice speed improvement for free :) Here is the table with benchmark results:
Benchmark12x1 5vp12x1 6vp16x1 5vp16x1 6vp
Aquamark 351594525875458655109
GL Excess1271213571



Elections 2004

We have elections here in Slovenia today. Members of the parliament will be elected and this time I'm voting for Social Democrat Party (SDS). I think we need some change after 12 years of Liberal Democrats in the government. I hope SDS do better in the next four years. But if not at least other parties will maybe do better because they don't get to win and they will have to work harder next time. Ah well at least they can't do so much damage to the people all over the world as George W. Bush has done. So I also say Vote John Kerry & Edwards!


Spread Firefox - Top 250

Firefox logoWhen I woke up this morning I visited Spread Firefox homepage and I noticed that I made to the Top 250 most active participants list. Currently I'm on 200th place. All bloggers, join us and help us spread the word about Firefox, the modern and safe browser! And maybe you will also make it to the list one day.

Oh and by the way, yesterday a new version of Firefox was released, 0.10.1. So if you still don't have it, download it now.



Geforce 6800 to 6800 Ultra

Yesterday some news about modding Geforce 6800 into 6800 Ultra came out. First I found out that you can convert 6800LE and 6800 (standard) into almost full 6800 Ultra with some soldering and using a modified BIOS. A great article about this can be found here. But later I also found out that someone discovered how to do the same using only software (more here). This option will be available in the next version of RivaTuner utility. Version 15.2 is expected to be released on 4th of October.

What all this modding does is it enables some pixel and vertex pipelines that are otherwise disabled because they could be damaged. In this way you can unlock (if you have complete luck and all disabled pipelines work just fine) all 16 pixel and 6 vertex pipelines. Memory still remains only DDR1 (instead of GDDR3 found on 6800 Ultra), but all these additional pipelines provide quite a nice performance boost.

So I'll wait till Monday and see what I can do with my Geforce 6800. They say that the success rate is about 70 - 80 %.

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