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Firefox - 50,000,000 downloads

Firefox logoBecause of higher security, more modern functions and speed more users are switching from the obsolete internet Explorer to alternative browsers every day. The most popular alternative browser is Mozilla Firefox. Version 1.0 was released on 9th November 2004 and at this moment this free and opensource browser has been downloaded 50 million times. This huge number doesn't even include downloads from non-official web sites, downloads using filesharing apps or installations from CDs that you can get with many magazines.

Here are some Firefox download milestones:

What are you waiting for? Download and install Firefox and rediscover the web!

Firefox: Blazing a Trail to 50,000,000



64-bit Firefox for Windows XP x64

Firefox logoLinux users are able to run their operating system and almost all of the apps (including Firefox and Thunderbird) in 64-bit mode on AMD64 compatible processors (like AMD Athlon 64) for more then a year now. A couple of days ago Microsoft has also finally released their 64-bit version of their OS and they call it Windows XP Professional x64 Edition. Many of us now wonder when will we be able to get 64-bit Firefox for 64-bit Windows. There are still some bugs that need to be fixed before we will be able to download official release from Mozilla. But if you can't wait you can get third party binaries on this page.

Before using 64-bit Firefox you have to know that you will also need 64-bit plugins. 32-bit ones will not work. Unless Firefox developers come up with some solution similar to the one in Konqueror from KDE, where 32-bit plugins work just fine inside a 64-bit browser (or so I heard). The good thing is that extensions should work without a problem as they don't need to be compiled.

More info:



First 64-bit multi-core AMD processors

AMD64 LogoThis Thursday, at the second anniversary celebration of Opteron, Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) started selling world's first 64-bit multi-core processors. At first they are only available for servers and workstations as dual-core AMD Opteron CPUs. AMD also announced the new brand name for desktop dual-core processors: AMD Athlon 64 X2. We will be able to buy these in June.

Besides improved performance and true multi-tasking another great thing about dual-core AMD processors is that you will not have to replace your motherboard (if it has socket 939 or 940). You only need to upgrade the BIOS and replace single-core CPU with dual-core one and you are ready to rock.

Visit this web page to read more:
AMD Announces World's First 64-Bit, x86 Multi-Core Processors For Servers And Workstations At Second-Anniversary Celebration Of AMD Opteron™ Processor



GCC 4.0.0

GCC logoVersion 4.0.0 of GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) has just been released. GCC is by far the most widely used compiler (its job is to transform source code into program you can use) for Linux and other open source software. In this major version there are many new features and a new optimization infrastructure. All this means we get faster compiles and quite a bit faster running apps. BTW, Gentoo users, GCC 4.0.0 is already in portage. But I would wait a bit before using it because the new version is also more strict about the code syntax and many apps don't even compile with it.



The argument against software patents

No software patents in Europe!A very informative article about the danger of software patents has been written by Christian Schaller and posted on OSNews.com. It tells you a lot about why software patents are so bad for all of us and how we should tell this to politicians so they can do something to keep them away from us. Here is the introduction:

We today face the risk of software patents being approved in the EU because not enough parliamentary members will be showing up to vote. Due to this it is important for those of us who oppose software patents to make sure EU parliament members see the damage software patents cause, so they realize it is important to be there to vote providing the needed absolute majority. But sending out a clear message is also important for the process of patent reform in the US and other places who have fallen into the trap of introducing them.

Full article:
The argument against software patents



Always Use Protection - Firefox condom poster

Check out this very cool poster for Mozilla Firefox:

Always Use Protection - Firefox poster

What do you think? Is it too offensive? For more information and for a larger, high quality image check out this post:
Please release "Always Use Protection" condom Poster



ESA astronaut Roberto Vittori on ISS

Two days ago Russian spacecraft Soyuz TMA-6 lifted off from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. On board were European Space Agency astronaut Roberto Vittori and two members of ISS Expedition 11 crew (the Russian cosmonaut Sergei Krikalev and NASA astronaut John Phillips). Today they successfully docked with the International Space Station.

For Vittori this is the second visit to the ISS. During his 8-day stay he will carry out an extensive experiment program in the fields of human physiology, biology, technology and education. He will leave the station on 24 April together with the old ISS crew and inside the old spacecraft Soyuz TMA-5 (Soyuz needs to be replaced every six months).

Read more:


Mozilla Firefox 1.0.3

Firefox logoPeople from Mozilla have released a new versions of Firefox, the best web browser. In version 1.0.3 they have fixed several security problems and enhanced the upgrading routine. You can download the new version from here. If you would like to get this free download with eMule, aMule or any similar application, then the ED2K links are available here.



Europe goes back to Mars

EXOMARS roverEuropean Space Agency's space workshop was held at Aston University, Birmingham, England on the 6th and 7th April 2005. Scientists from all over the world debated robotic mission options up to 2013 in the first phase of the Aurora program. European scientists have strongly recommended a rover equipped mission should be the next one to visit Mars. It would conduct a detailed analysis of the Martian environment and search for traces of past or present life. Three candidate missions are considered: BeagleNet, ExoMars and its variant ExoMars-Lite. The launch is expected for June 2011. Detailed proposal is being prepared for consideration in December 2005.

More here:
Europe goes back to Mars


Firefox/Thunderbird/XULRunner 1.1 release plan

Firefox logoFirefox is already one of the best web browsers. It is well known for its security, speed and modern features. Despite all this development of the next version is happening at fast rate. Asa Dotzler has posted a plan for the 1.1 releases of Firefox, Thunderbird and XULRunner.

There will be three cycles. In the first one they plan to finalize and stabilize developer features and after that release Deer Park Developer Preview. Deer Park is the project codename for Firefox 1.1. About five weeks after this the second cycle should complete and we should get Firefox General Preview. In the third phase we can expect a couple of release candidates and then finally the highly anticipated 1.1 final releases sometime in June/July.

More in this blog post:
the plan for the 1.1 releases

1.1 roadmap


Tiny Firewall 64 (beta)

AMD64 LogoSo you have installed 64-bit Windows XP x64 on your AMD64 machine and now you are searching for a good 64-bit firewall to go along. If this is the case, take a look at Tiny Firewall 64. As they say, it is a native 64-bit version of Tiny Firewall 2005. You can download a public beta version from this page. The final version is expected sometime in May 2005.

Press release:
Tiny Software Releases 64-bit Firewall for AMD64, EMT64 and Itanium



Mandrake becomes Mandriva

Mandriva Linux logoFrom this day forward Mandrake is no more. The French company, famous for their simple to use Linux distribution, has changed the name into Mandriva. There are two primary reasons for this step. Firstly, Mandrakesoft - Conectiva merger needs a new identity. Furthermore, they avoid a long-winding trademark lawsuit with Hearst Corporation. It is time to update your bookmarks to Mandriva Linux, Mandriva Club and other web pages

You can read more in this press release:
Mandrakesoft Announces Name Change!



AMD Athlon 64, AMD Sempron revision E3

AMD64 LogoMore news from AMD. They have just started shipping the new revision (E3) of their 64-bit processor AMD Athlon 64. It is codenamed Venice and brings an improved memory controller and support for SSE3 instructions. It also uses the new 90nm production process which enables even lower power consumption and has higher frequency and overclocking potential. You can also get these new CPUs with 1 MiB of L2 cache and those are codenamed San Diego. The fastest AMD Sempron also got upgraded to the new technology and is known under the codename Palermo.

People at X-bit Labs have a lot of information about the new revision and they have also made some benchmarks. The new CPUs can be overclocked quite high. Especially Sempron:



Dual-core AMD Opterons coming sooner?

AMD64 LogoAdvanced Micro Devices (AMD) at first intended to launch dual-core AMD Opteron processors in the third quarter of this year. But server makers from Taiwan say that we could see them sooner, sometime in the middle of the second quarter. If true this would mean May 2005.

More here:
AMD may advance dual-core Opteron processor launch


The History of Mozilla Firefox

Firefox logoMozilla Firefox is a very well known web browser and extremely popular these days because of the security, speed and modern features. Have you ever wondered how did it look like during development phase? When has some cool feature been added? How many times was its name changed? To read about the history of Mozilla Firefox and see some screenshots from the old days check out this article:
The History of Mozilla Firefox: From Phoenix, to Firebird, to Firefox



GMail with 2 GiB of space

GMail logoIf you are a GMail user, you could see that your inbox was 1.5 GiB large yesterday. Most of you probably just thought this is an April Fool's Day hoax. Well it was, kind of. If you check your GMail account today, you can see that now you have a whooping 2 gigabytes of space for your e-mail. If you still don't have GMail account, you can contact me over Jabber (JLP@jabber.org) or e-mail as I have 50 GMail invitations to give away again.


Internet Explorer - more high security risks

StopIEBy now almost everyone who uses web browser knows that Internet Explorer is full of security holes. Not to mention bad support for web standards and lack of modern features. In addition to all this it now has two more security vulnerabilities, which are both marked as high security risk. The same problems can also be found in Outlook (Express). They allow malicious hackers to remotely execute programs on victims computer. The best way to stay safe is to stop using Internet Explorer and switch to a safer and more modern browser like Mozilla Firefox or Opera.

Read more here:
'High Risk' Flaws Found in IE, Outlook


Just switch! - New features in OpenOffice.org 2.0

OpenOffice.org logoOpenOffice.org 2.0 (free and open source) and StarOffice 8 are soon to be released. To show you in detail some of the new features and enhancements in these new versions of these office suits, Erwin Tenhumberg decided to start a series of blog entries under the name of Just switch!. You can see the list of all articles for March on this page. Keep reading his blog to find out more.

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