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Uporaba vesoljskih tehnologij

I bought myself a new book today. It's title in Slovenian is "Uporaba vesoljskih tehnologij" and in English it could be something like "Application of space technologies". I was looking for it everywhere for quite some time and I then finally found it on some Slovenian HAM radio forum at S50LEA. I have to thank Peter Ponikvar who sold it to me for a very nice price. I quickly checked the book out and it looks like it is going to be an interesting read.



Gmail enabling POP access

I have just found out that the free e-mail service Gmail will enable POP access to your account. This will make it possible to read all the e-mail using your favorite e-mail client (I highly recommend Thunderbird). Some people can already enable this feature. If you are one of the lucky ones, you can just open Gmail settings and enable it on "Forwarding and POP tab". Then just follow these instructions to set up your e-mail client (instructions for Thunderbird are here). I can't wait until I will be able to turn on this feature. It would be even nicer if they also added support for IMAP access.



Nina gives birth to Jan

When my father came to Lesce to pick me up he told me that my cousin Nina gave birth to Jan today. I hope to see the new little member of the family as soon as possible. I wish as much luck and good health as possible to Jan and his father and mother.



Firefox 1.0

The wait is over! The final version of the best internet browser, Firefox 1.0, is out. To download the modern, secure and absolutely a must have browser click here. It is available in 15 languages (including Slovenian!). Bloggers and everyone else, take back the web now!



Mozparty 2

I missed the party when the Mozilla internet suite version 1.0 was released to the world. Well this tuesday on November 9 2004 there will be a second release party. This time we will celebrate the release of Firefox 1.0 browser and Thunderbird 1.0 e-mail client. There are parties all over the world. I'll be on this party in Kiberpipa, Ljubljana, Slovenia, European Union.


nVidia Linux drivers 1.0-6629

nVidia logonVidia have just released a new version of Linux drivers for their graphic cards. People are reporting about speed-ups in OpenGL (especially in Doom 3) and they have also improved RenderAccel. I emerged them without any problem and I tried a couple of OpenGL apps. Celestia got quite a nice speed boost :). Too bad there is no 64-bit Doom 3 for Linux yet :( So thanks for the great Linux drivers nVidia. ATI has much to learn about Linux support from you.

Download here:
64-bit AMD64
32-bit x86



Learning C++ and Qt with Linux

I first tried to learn C++ programming a couple of years ago. Back then I was still using Windows and I tried programming with Borland C++Builder. I've also bought myself two books back then: C++ for Programmers and Borland C++Builder 4 Unleashed. Unfortunately I didn't have much time to learn a lot so I only know some simple basics. And I never tried to start learning again. Until now...

Since then my main operating system has become Linux (Gentoo Linux to be more specific). A few days ago I've read a news on dot.kde.org about a book C++ GUI Programming with Qt 3 becoming free for download (in PDF format). So I thought to myself that now would be a good time to start learning C++ again before I could learn programming with Qt, which is used to build KDE and apps for it. I also decided that it would be better to start learning with some book more suited for beginners. Teach yourself C++ in 21 days seams to be perfect for that and it is available online. Another great thing is that all the needed tools (compiler, development environment, debugger...) are already available for Linux and they are all free.

I hope I make it this time and learn enough to start contributing to KDE not only by translating but also by programming.



Firefox 1.0 RC2 and Thunderbird 0.9

Firefox logo
Thunderbird logo

People at Mozilla organization are hard at work, as always, to bring us one of the best pieces of software. They have just released the second release candidate of version 1.0 of their web browser Firefox. This one contains bug fixes only. More info here. Download now!

They have also released version 0.9 of their e-mail/news client and RSS feedback reader Thunderbird. This version brings us some new features like Saved Search Folders and Message Grouping. You can read release notes with more information here. Download now!


Guitoo - graphical frontend for portage

Maybe you still remember my previous post about graphical frontends for portage, which is a very powerful system for maintaining software packages in Gentoo Linux. Today I found out about another one, that is made for KDE and looks very nice. It has all the basic features and some of not so basic ones. If it continues to be developed regularly, it has a big chance to become the best graphical portage frontend for those who like to click. Oh yeah. It also has a name, Guitoo, and you can find it here.

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