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My first blog entry

This is my very first blog entry... ever. I'm writing it with Mozilla web browser on my Gentoo Linux computer.

I live in Bohinjska Bistrica which is a touristic town in a beautiful country called Slovenia (it just recently became part of the European Union). I study physics at University of Ljubljana. During the free time I write news and articles for a website Slo-Comp. I also take part in translating various software, mostly opensource, into slovenian language. I like reading and watching science fiction a lot and I am a big fan of Star Trek series. My favourite science fiction writer is Isaac Asimov. Like everyone else I also enjoy listening to music. Gangsta rap is what I prefer. My hobbies are astronomy and computers.

I think this is enough about me for the first time. I'll try to write as many blog entries as possible. Enjoy reading them...

Cool. :P
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