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New cable modem

My old cable modem (NetGame Nemo) started to get really old and slow (especialy upload). It doesn't even support any of the Euro-DOCSIS standards. So we decided to call our cable company about this. After some whining and mentioning the competition they finaly agreed to replace my old modem with a new one. They installed Thomson TCM390, which is Euro-DOCSIS 1.1 compliant and 2.0 ready in hardware. After one day of using it I can say that it is runing a lot better. Ping times are shorter and upload is about 5 - 10 times faster now. I'm happy so far.

Well... I'm very happy to hear about the new "Speedy Gonzales" modem and about the fact of you being so enthusiastic about it. You are still pleased with it, aren't you? ;)
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