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IE is bad for you and everyone else

A few days ago I have come accross an article which is explaining why Internet Explorer is such a bad piece of software and why you should avoid it or better yet stop using it completely. I have to say I fully agree with the article. Internet Explorer is very insecure, full of security holes. It is also perfect if you would like to get as many viruses or as much spyware as possible. Another thing that IE is well known for is notoriously bad support for modern (or even some older, long established) web standards. This is just making it very hard for all authors of web pages and it is also holding the advancement of internet back.

So do yourself (and other people who are browsing the internet) a big favour and stop using this piece of crap called Internet Explorer. Use any modern browser that doesn't have all these problems and have more cool features. Some highly recommended browsers are: Mozilla, Firefox and Opera.

You can read the original article here:
Why You Should Dump Internet Explorer

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