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Prof. dr. Dušan Petrač and exploration of space

As part of the Tuesday evening meetings at A. T. Linhart library in Radovljica prof. dr. Dušan Petrač was holding a lecture about interesting results of space explorations. I attended this lecture together with my sister and my cousin. We've heard (and seen) a lot about new findings about Mars and other parts of our Solar system like comets and outer-most regions. He also played us a videotape showing all the excitement when people at NASA try to land a probe on planet Mars and the happiness when they finally succeed after so many years of failed missions. At the very end Petrač also explained how bad things in the USA are after the September 11 terrorist attacks. Under the flawed Patriot Act the police has way too much power and it is almost like Gestapo in Nazi Germany or KGB in ex-Soviet Union. People are even afraid to express their opinion about current administration as they could be labelled as enemies of the State just for that. Very sad indeed.

Well, I have to tell you something about Dušan Petrač. He was born in Kropa here in Slovenia. He studied physics on Faculty of Mathematics and Physics at University of Ljubljana. One day he was lucky (as he said to us) and met someone who was working for Jet Propulsion Laboratory and he later took him together to the USA where he works and lives now. At JPL he is now an expert for low temperatures and microgravity.

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