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SpaceShipOne made it into space

Today is one of the great days for human space flight. The first commercial funded space ship, named SpaceShipOne, successufelly reached space and landed safely back in Mojave desert in California, USA. Together with pilot Mike Melvill it reached the height of 100 km, the official limit where space begins. You can read more about the flight on this page.

This is one of the teams that are competing for the X Prize. To collect the prize of 10 million US dollars the wining team has to make two flights to a minimum height of 100 km within 14 days. The spacecraft has to be able to carry 3 adults of height 188 cm and weight 90 kg.

So this could be the beginning of the higher involvement of private sector in space and even more space tourism. Let the healthy and fair competition in space begin!

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