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Venus transit 2004

On this day we were witnessing a quite rare astronomical phenomenon: Venus transit. What is happening here is that the planet Venus gets in between our planet Earth and Sun. When this happens we can observe Venus travelling across Sun's surface. The event was about six hours long. The next transit will be in June 2012 and then there will ne no such event until the year of 2247. You can get more info about the Venus transit here.

Together with my sister and my friend I was observing the rare phenomena in Kamnje, Bohinj. A fellow amateur astronomer has a 40 inch (about 100 cm) Newtonian telescope there and we used it for the observation. Of course it was properly equipped with a Mylar film or else we would all be blind by now. Our little group managed to get through all six hours of the celestial show and we took some photos of it. Sunburns were also part of this but it was all well worth it.

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