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One day with Geforce 6800

It is more then one day now that I have been using my new Geforce 6800. So now I can say what I think about it. In general I'm very pleased (I guess I should be, as it wasn't exactly cheap). Maybe I'm the most happy because it works very well in Linux. I've tried a couple of OpenGL screensavers and games and they all run smoothly. Even the 32-bit drivers from ATI don't work that well and they don't even have 64-bit drivers for AMD64. Good job nVidia!

As expected, the card also performs very well in Windows. Here are some benchmark comparisons of my old and new graphics card:
BenchmarkRadeon 9600XTGeforce 6800
3DMark05(not tested)3349
Aquamark 33182551594

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