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Geforce 6800 to 6800 Ultra

Yesterday some news about modding Geforce 6800 into 6800 Ultra came out. First I found out that you can convert 6800LE and 6800 (standard) into almost full 6800 Ultra with some soldering and using a modified BIOS. A great article about this can be found here. But later I also found out that someone discovered how to do the same using only software (more here). This option will be available in the next version of RivaTuner utility. Version 15.2 is expected to be released on 4th of October.

What all this modding does is it enables some pixel and vertex pipelines that are otherwise disabled because they could be damaged. In this way you can unlock (if you have complete luck and all disabled pipelines work just fine) all 16 pixel and 6 vertex pipelines. Memory still remains only DDR1 (instead of GDDR3 found on 6800 Ultra), but all these additional pipelines provide quite a nice performance boost.

So I'll wait till Monday and see what I can do with my Geforce 6800. They say that the success rate is about 70 - 80 %.

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