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Guitoo - graphical frontend for portage

Maybe you still remember my previous post about graphical frontends for portage, which is a very powerful system for maintaining software packages in Gentoo Linux. Today I found out about another one, that is made for KDE and looks very nice. It has all the basic features and some of not so basic ones. If it continues to be developed regularly, it has a big chance to become the best graphical portage frontend for those who like to click. Oh yeah. It also has a name, Guitoo, and you can find it here.

Would you be interested to write a review on Guitoo for the MyOSS Magazine? It does seems to be a really nice alternative to Porthole.

The ETC-Update and the glsa-checks are really nice.
Well first I would have to use both a a little more so I could compare it. And since now I use CLI all the time I can hardly compare them. I also don't have so much time now. I am doing some beta testing on KDE 3.5 from SVN (I hope to find some time to write a previews on this blog about it) and I'm busy translating KDE into Slovenian language.
But If I find some more time to do some testing and to write an article I'll do it.
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