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Thank you, Poland!

Brez programskih patentov v Evropi!A big BIG "Thank you!" goes to Poland. Why, you may wonder. Well, the Polish Minister of Science and Information Technology, Wlodzimierz Marcinski, made a special journey to Brussels to demand that the Software Patent directive be dropped from the agenda. I have already talked about how dangerous this directive is for opensource software developers, small and medium sized companies and all of us. It is totally unacceptable in its current form and could lead to the same awful patent situation USA is in now. Now we have more time to warn our friends and coworkers about it and maybe even contact our representatives in European Parliament. Oh and you can sign a special thank you letter for our hero, Wlodzimierz Marcinski.

I have another great news about software patents in EU. Slovenian software developers section KODA.SI is also officially against software patents. I hope proper officials in our country will listen to them and us and vote against the directive when time comes.

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