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20,000,000+ downloads of Firefox

Firefox logoEver since the release of Mozilla Firefox 1.0 about 76 days ago there were more then 20,000,000 downloads of this secure, modern and fast web browser. Sites all over the world are seeing how users are switching from insecure and old Internet Explorer to better browsers like Firefox and Opera. If you still haven't switched, then download a copy of Firefox and see how the true modern browsing looks and feels like. Firefox is completely free. And if you are already browsing with full speed then don't forget to tell all your friends and co-workers about the browser of the future. Spread Firefox can help you with that and you can join here.

Yeah nice nice. Soon the Firefox will take over the internet from IE. Firefox is so good beacuse it has a pop-up blocker inside and good virus protection and that i don't mention nice skins (Noia 2.0 Extreme- http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/4266778/). I also like that i can open pages in tab's and not in separate windows like in IE. One more good thing is search bar that appears in bottom of the screen if u press ctrl+f. Shortly: Firefox is all around better.
I use the same theme. It is truly nice :)
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