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Flickr - Upload and share your photos

Flickr logoAs a blogger I sometimes find myself asking where to upload a photo or a screenshot that I would like to show on my blog. So today I have started looking for a service that would allow me to upload and share my images.

I found out Flickr and it looks really nice. It is a free service and it allows you to upload up to 10 MiB of images each month. The largest possible size is 5 MiB per image and they are resized to a maximum of 1024 x 1024 pixels (if they are larger). Flickr even has a special tool to easily post blog articles to several blog systems. Blogger is supported. If you need larger images and more of them, you can upgrade to a Pro account, which will cost you some money.

If you have any other suggestion for a similar service, please add a comment. Oh, you will be able to find a gallery of my pictures here.

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