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Started learning PHP

PHP logoI decided that during these winter holidays I will also try to learn some PHP basics. I already know HTML and CSS quite well. But I guess it would be nice to know at least some basics of PHP scripting to be able to make web pages more dynamic. I started with PHP tutorial on PHP homepage and I will also take a look at PHP tutorial at W3Schools. PHP is very useful if you also know some SQL to use it with databases like MySQL, But learning SQL will have to wait. I have more then enough work with teaching myself C++ and PHP (which are quite similar in many ways). And I must not forget about exams at university and translation and beta testing of KDE 3.4.

Yo, JLP, that's nice.
But I recommend you theese (e)books: "Sams PHP & MySQL Web Development". It is good, ind33d!
LP, Vito.
Thanks for the tip, Vito. I'll take a look at this book when I finish the very basic tutorials. As I guess it is more in depth and just the right stuff for the summer holidays :).
Well, almost every book about PHP that I picked up had about 3/4 of basic stuff in it. Even the latest two that I bought, Professional PHP 5 and PHP 5 Power Programming. The professional does not really fit that description. The second one has some interesting techniques in it but still... No breakthroughs for me. :(
Mostly I just rely on the documentation that I find on www.php.net.

Good luck to you, but I advise you to dive into SQL too. More than the SQL itself you have to look into database design (normalisation) to learn how to design reliable, fast and longlasting databases. There's almost nothing worse to do than redesign a database in use a year from now because of it's bad design.
Many thanks to you too, Mark. It is great to have a collection of suggestions for later when I will realy have more time to look closely at this. To be honest I didn't even think about how important it is to properly structure the database. Although I highly doubt I'll ever need any big database. But as you said it is better to be prepaired and know things like this if you need it later. So do you by any chance have a link to a HOWTO or webpage that talks about database structures or maybe have any book to recommend.
Thanks in advance
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