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25 000 000 Firefox downloads

On 15th February the number of Mozilla Firefox 1.0 downloads reached 25 million. This is after only 99 days since the official release. And this number doesn't even include downloads from web pages other then Mozilla's, downloads from filesharing networks like ED2K or BitTorrent and people who got it from a CD that came with some magazine. And the users keep on switching to Firefox at incredible rate. To read more about this awesome achievement click on the image below:

25000000 Firefox downloads

Hi there!!! I am an amateur "Blogspotter" and I am also a bit of a techy, so imagine my joy at seeing your impressive and informative Technical BLOG!! I have added you to my Blogroll of Excellence Congratulations!!
Thanks for the compliments and adding link to my blog to your blogroll!
Yes 25.000.000 downloads of Firefox.
Soon IE will be down:D
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