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Dangerous Waters gone gold

Akula submarineOne type of games I like to play a lot is submarine simulation. I very much enjoyed Jane's 688(I) Hunter/Killer a few years ago and I still play Silent Hunter II, which I like even more. So you can imagine I was very happy to see news about a new submarine simulation reaching "gold" status. It is titled Dangerous Waters and it is brought to you by the same Sonalysts group that created 688(I). Dangerous Waters is available in a Deluxe (with 570 page printed spiral bound manual) and Regular version (manual as a PDF file). The game ships on 2 CD's. Pre-orders are possible now. But I'll wait until I see some reviews first. And may I also remind you that Silent Hunter III is scheduled to be released on 17th of March 2005. Things are exciting in subsim land :)

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