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KDE 3.4 beta 2 "Keinstein" released

KDE logoDuring the last couple of days the second beta version of the upcoming KDE 3.4 has been released. It is called "Keinstein" and is the first release after the feature freeze. So, if you would like to see all the new features that will come with KDE 3.4 and help beta testing or translating it, this is one of your last chances. In the upper right corner of this post you can also see the new KDE logo which is on the K button and in some other places in the new KDE.

You can download the source code from one of the mirrors listed here, or use Konstruct to help you set it up. Thanks to Stephan Binner you can also download a special ISO image (373 MiB) of bootable Klax Live-CD, with KDE 3.4 beta 2 on it. Just burn the image to a CD and boot your computer from this CD and you are ready to enjoy the new KDE and find and report bugs.

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