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AMD Turion 64 Mobile Technology

AMD Turion 64 Mobile Technology logoCurrently AMD is especially well known because of their fast 64-bit Athlon 64 and Opteron processors. These are meant for desktops, workstations and servers. Today they started to offer special low power 64-bit CPUs under the name of AMD Turion 64, which are competing directly against Intel's Centrino technology. Turion 64 will bring AMD64 performance to thinner and lighter notebook PCs with longer battery life and enhanced security.

With Turion 64 we also get new model numbering, like ML-37 and MT-34. The closer the second letter is to the end of the alphabet the lower is the power consumption and this means longer battery life. The numbers indicate relative performance within the processor class.

Press release is available here: AMD Ushers In A New Era In 64-Bit Mobile Computing With AMD Turion™ 64 Mobile Technology

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