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Gentoo Linux 2005.0 is almost here

Gentoo Linux logoThe release 2005.0 of my favorite Linux distribution - Gentoo has been delayed because of some last minute major issues. But it looks like the release is almost ready now. Both x86 and AMD64 versions are now prepared and ready to get mirrored on servers around the world. Before it goes public they need to check if everything works as stated in the installation handbook. My friend Boris is also waiting for this release and I think he will finally be able to install Gentoo 2005.0 sometime next week. On the other hand I'll just update the link to the new 2005.0 profile, maybe make some other adjustments and simply update everything using emerge as usual. Portage is so great!

Read more here:
Gentoo-Linux 2005.0 for x86 complete
Gentoo/AMD64 2005.0 release almost finished

Yes finaly ! :)
For X86:
For AMD64:

Hope I ll manage to install it and make it work till Sunday afternoon =)
c ya
Yeah it looks like only some Asian and Australian mirrors have the directory open. Maybe they are opening them time zone by time zone :) And maybe tomorrow European servers will also be ready for download.
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