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I hate time shifting

In the middle of the night time shifted for one hour forward, as it does every year because of daylight saving time. The original idea of so called summer time was to make better use of daylight. I don't mind about this as I like starlight more. They say that we also save energy by daylight saving time. I think this was more true in the past and today savings are next to zero. Because of all this and because time shifting disturbs my natural biorhythm I would very much like to see DST gone. Heck I also think we should use Universal Time (UTC or GMT) all over the world and get rid of time zones. But I guess this would be too much for most of the people.

Weird... I just posted something about this very thing. I agree, the shift of time is something that can go away, for all I care...
I've just read your blog entry about this and it realy looks like we both don't like this :) And for sure we are not alone.
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