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64-bit Firefox for Windows XP x64

Firefox logoLinux users are able to run their operating system and almost all of the apps (including Firefox and Thunderbird) in 64-bit mode on AMD64 compatible processors (like AMD Athlon 64) for more then a year now. A couple of days ago Microsoft has also finally released their 64-bit version of their OS and they call it Windows XP Professional x64 Edition. Many of us now wonder when will we be able to get 64-bit Firefox for 64-bit Windows. There are still some bugs that need to be fixed before we will be able to download official release from Mozilla. But if you can't wait you can get third party binaries on this page.

Before using 64-bit Firefox you have to know that you will also need 64-bit plugins. 32-bit ones will not work. Unless Firefox developers come up with some solution similar to the one in Konqueror from KDE, where 32-bit plugins work just fine inside a 64-bit browser (or so I heard). The good thing is that extensions should work without a problem as they don't need to be compiled.

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Which browsers are available for Windows XP Pro 64bit edition?
Currently there is only Firefox that is worth to mention. Don't know when Opera will be out for AMD64, if ever. I've also seen an old AMD64 binary of Mozilla somwhere, but can't remember where and it was quite a long time ago.
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