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AMD Athlon 64, AMD Sempron revision E3

AMD64 LogoMore news from AMD. They have just started shipping the new revision (E3) of their 64-bit processor AMD Athlon 64. It is codenamed Venice and brings an improved memory controller and support for SSE3 instructions. It also uses the new 90nm production process which enables even lower power consumption and has higher frequency and overclocking potential. You can also get these new CPUs with 1 MiB of L2 cache and those are codenamed San Diego. The fastest AMD Sempron also got upgraded to the new technology and is known under the codename Palermo.

People at X-bit Labs have a lot of information about the new revision and they have also made some benchmarks. The new CPUs can be overclocked quite high. Especially Sempron:

This is some realy insane overclock! Heaven for us overclockers :)
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