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Firefox/Thunderbird/XULRunner 1.1 release plan

Firefox logoFirefox is already one of the best web browsers. It is well known for its security, speed and modern features. Despite all this development of the next version is happening at fast rate. Asa Dotzler has posted a plan for the 1.1 releases of Firefox, Thunderbird and XULRunner.

There will be three cycles. In the first one they plan to finalize and stabilize developer features and after that release Deer Park Developer Preview. Deer Park is the project codename for Firefox 1.1. About five weeks after this the second cycle should complete and we should get Firefox General Preview. In the third phase we can expect a couple of release candidates and then finally the highly anticipated 1.1 final releases sometime in June/July.

More in this blog post:
the plan for the 1.1 releases

1.1 roadmap

Just downloaded the FX one, can't wait for TB!
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