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GCC 4.0.0

GCC logoVersion 4.0.0 of GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) has just been released. GCC is by far the most widely used compiler (its job is to transform source code into program you can use) for Linux and other open source software. In this major version there are many new features and a new optimization infrastructure. All this means we get faster compiles and quite a bit faster running apps. BTW, Gentoo users, GCC 4.0.0 is already in portage. But I would wait a bit before using it because the new version is also more strict about the code syntax and many apps don't even compile with it.

cool ! Sm biu zihr da si že updejtu na 4.0 uf uf me mika
Nope, nism še. Bo treba mal počakat še da odpravjo mal bugov pa da izvorno kodo večih programov popravjo da se bo sploh kompajlal prov. Mogoč k bo 4.0.1 vn pršu :)
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