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Internet Explorer - more high security risks

StopIEBy now almost everyone who uses web browser knows that Internet Explorer is full of security holes. Not to mention bad support for web standards and lack of modern features. In addition to all this it now has two more security vulnerabilities, which are both marked as high security risk. The same problems can also be found in Outlook (Express). They allow malicious hackers to remotely execute programs on victims computer. The best way to stay safe is to stop using Internet Explorer and switch to a safer and more modern browser like Mozilla Firefox or Opera.

Read more here:
'High Risk' Flaws Found in IE, Outlook

IE is total crap. Noone who is smart uses it these days!
I can't agree more with you Klaus i'll never smell IE again and IE will never see my computer.
Internet Explorer is only good if you like to collect viruses and spyware.
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