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Firefox 1.0.4 and new 64-bit Firefox for Windows XP x64

Firefox logoDuring the past week several critical security bugs were found in Firefox web browser. And before you know it they already release a new version 1.0.4 that fixes them all. This is one reason why Firefox is the best browser. It is one of the safest and when they find some problem it is fixed in a couple of days or even hours. In version 1.0.4 they have also fixed a DHTML/DOM related bug. So upgrade to the new version as soon as possible.

There is also a new 64-bit binary build of Firefox available for 64-bit Windows XP x64. It now comes with support for scalable vector graphics (SVG) enabled. You can get more than 3400 SVG images at Open Clip Art Library. They are completely free. Oh and by the way, SVG is also enabled in normal Firefox nightlies. So you can expect to see it when Firefox 1.1 comes out.

Great blog, Jure... :)
Have you been to the Techzonez forums (www.techzonez.com/forums)? Theyre pretty good.
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Thanks for the compliment! And I will check out the forums. Thanks for the link.
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