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More than 5000 visits

About four months ago I have put up a counter on my blog (thanks to a free service at StatCounter.com). Sometime in the middle of the night the counter has passed the 5000 mark. In the last couple of days there are around 90 visits per day. I have never expected to see so many visitors.

Most visitors use Firefox browser (66%). Internet Explorer follows with 21% and its share is falling steadily every month. The top three operating systems used are: Windows XP (79%), Linux (13%) and Mac OS X (4%). Most of you come from USA (38%), Germany (10%) and Slovenia (7%).

Thanks for visiting my blog. I hope you can find something interesting and useful here. If you have any suggestion (or maybe a compliment) about the looks or the content you are more than welcome to write it into a comment.

5000 visits :O
I wish I had 5 readers :|

Great job, keep it up....
Factor in the number of RSS subscribers, too...
Whoa!! how did pull that oe off?
Congrats! I hope there will be a party and prizes at the 10.000 mark. :)

For suggestions: Maybe a blogroll link to www.siblogs.com? To show solidarity with other Slovenian bloggers? Just a suggestion. I haven't managed to do it yet either, on account of my extreme laziness. But still. I will!
Well congratulations!!
Your blog has a lot of good news.
keep it up!
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