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Stay away from Intel Pentium D and i945 chipset

Yesterday Intel have officially launched the new i945 chipset and new dual-core Pentium D CPUs. But they have a little dirty secret that Intel would like to hide from us. The new chipset and processors come with Digital Restrictions Management (DRM) technology enabled. What this means is that greedy people like RIAA, MPAA and Microsoft now have the ability to control what music we can listen, what movies we can watch and, in the extreme case, what software can we use. I don't know about you, but I most certainly wouldn't buy hardware or software that takes away my right and freedom to use my computer in the way I want to use it. So all I can say is: "Stay as far away as possible from Intel Pentium D processors and Intel i945 chipsets!"

News source:
Digit Online News - Intel quietly adds DRM to new chips
More on DRM:
Why DRM is bad for all

This is bad. very bad. Thankfully there's always good old AMD. BTW I want to pass the musical baton to you. See my blog.
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