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TUX Magazine - Issue 2 - May 2005

TUX - Issue 2 - May 2005Even though it is one month late, the second issue of TUX Magazine is now available for a free download. In May 2005 issue you can read all about playing movies with Xine and Totem, listening to the music with Rhythmbox and instant messaging with Gaim. You will see how to add more PDF power to OpenOffice.org and how to use copy&paste with it. There is also a review of AbiWord and an article about screensavers in Linux. Using file managers is explained and there are some tips and tricks for The GIMP.

A free subscription and download is available on the official web page. You can also get the new issue with eMule/aMule and BitTorrent (only for newer clients with support for magnet links, like Azureus From now on we can expect the new issues to be published monthly.

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