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artsd and 100% CPU usage - solved

KDE logoThere are a lot of problems with aRTS, which is basically unmaintained code and doesn't evolve like other parts of KDE do. And one problem was bothering me for quite some time. It happened quite frequently that artsd started to use 100% of CPU. Today I finally found a patch that fixes my problem. The patch was made by Michal Schmidt and this is what he says about the problem:

I have discovered that the problem is caused by an XRUN, which is not handled correctly in arts. arts uses snd_pcm_avail_update to ask ALSA how many frames it can write. However, when an XRUN occurs, snd_pcm_avail_update will return -EPIPE. This condition is not handled in arts.

The patch has already been committed to KDE SVN, so this bug will be fixed in next version of KDE.

Update: The patch will also get applied if you emerge arts-3.4.1-r2 ebuild for Gentoo Linux.

R U going to go to OOoCon in sept? And fix ur comment system. it's a pain to click so much.
Yup, It is almost 100% that I will be there at OOoCon 2005. It is so close to me that it would not be smart to miss it.

Isn't it only 2 clicks for comment? Click on Post comment, write comment, click on Login and Publish. Anyway I'll take a closer look at it after I finish all the exams. But I'm not sure if I can do much, it depends on how flexible Blogger is. Another option is to use HaloScan or some other external comment system, but then I loose all the existing comments. Or I can setup my own blog on my own web server here. But I guess it will be very slow since my cable connection has quite slow upload (only 256Kib/s).
I decided to read the tag documentation for Blogger right away and now I fixed it. Much better now I guess. Except for those who hate popups. Thanks for the comment Basu.
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