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OpenOffice.org Writer versus Microsoft Word

OpenOffice.org logoIf you are still spending all these huge amounts of money on Microsoft Office you should read this comparison of OpenOffice.org 2.0 Writer and Word 2003. Because both are adequate for most users' purposes the review focuses on features for power users. After you finish reading it may turn out that you could get something better for free. This is what Bruce Byfield says in conclusion:

OOo Writer scores most of its victories in features that make the creation and maintenance of highly formatted or long documents easier.

I hope we see a similar comparison for other parts of office suits, like spreadsheet and presentation applications. It would also be very nice if other office suits like KOffice were included in comparison.

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I use OOo beacuse it is free and better than M$ word. and offcourse M$ word is payable. boooooo
Yeah same here. OpenOffice.org is just better. I love export to PDF and Flash. And with MS you don't pay just with money, you also pay with freedom.
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