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StumbleUpon - a great Firefox extension

StumbleUpon logo is an extension for web browser that I've been using for quite some time now. Since everyone, who hears about it from me, seams to like it, I decided to tell more about StumbleUpon here. Who knows, maybe it is exactly what you needed.

Here is what it does: You click on Stumble! button and Firefox opens some web page that someone else with StumbleUpon has positively rated before. Because everyone can rate and comment on pages, you can do it too. The nice thing is that there are topic groups (like physics, astronomy, Linux, open source, ...) and you can select the ones you are interested in. So you only get pages that belong to these groups.

There is also an option to build social networks. You can invite friends to install StumbleUpon and then you can have instant access to web pages they mark as interesting. You can even explicitly send some page together with a short description to your friends through StumbleUpon. By searching for people that like to visit similar pages you can also get some new friends with similar interests.

So this is a quick introduction to StumbleUpon. By using it I have stumbled upon some very interesting new sites. The best way to see how it works is to get it right now and install it. By the way, I have a nickname JRepin on StumbleUpon and you can find my profile page here.

i use it too. great addon. my nickname is jernejovc.
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