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Goodbye OS/2 Warp, welcome Linux

OS/2 Warp logoJust a few minutes ago I found out that after about 20 years of existence IBM is going to stop marketing (now) and selling (on December 23, 2005) their OS/2 operating system. OS/2 Warp 4 was the first operating system we had on our very first computer. I still remember all the countless hours I spent playing the excellent game Galactic Civilizations. As far as I remember OS/2 was a great operating system. Completely 32 bit, very stable and powerful. Much better than Windows 95 we had to buy later. Well OS/2 is gone now and IBM are recommending that their customers migrate to Linux now. They have even prepared a special OS/2 to Linux Client Transition guide.

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Hm... OS/2 was an interesting little thing - a smart OS, sure, but considering the position that IBM were (are?) in I'm certain that more could have been made of it.

You suggest they are to stop marketing it but if I'm brutally honest I can't recall ever seeing a single promotion for it. Sad, though.
Yup I agree. IBM was and is such a large company that they could easily have much stronger marketing and development for OS/2. I also haven't seen any ads for OS/2 in the last couple of years. I only remember that our computer magazines here in Slovenia did carry ads for quite some time after OS/2 Warp 4 release. And banks here also did get some direct marketing material. Some banks here still use OS/2. But generaly I think IBM could do a lot more. And too bad they didn't. I guess this was one of their mistakes and who knows why did they decide to do so little.
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