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Trying Ubuntu Linux (not yet)

Ubuntu Linux LogoUbuntu Linux is getting very popular among users of the free operating system. I've read some very positive reviews and heard only good things about it. After visiting DistroWatch.com I could see that second beta (or Colony 2 as they call it) of version 5.10 is out and I decided to download it and try it out.

First I tried to download it using BitTorrent but the download was extremely slow. So I just decided to use the normal download and the ISO image of LiveCD for AMD64 was down in less than an hour. Before burning it I have let it share over BitTorrent for about one day.

I finally rebooted my computer yesterday evening to boot into Ubuntu and check it out. But unfortunately I didn't get far. After some booting activity I was "welcomed" by a blank black screen with a blinking character _ in the lower left corner of the screen. As it is expected from a good open source community member I have immediately reported a bug about this. During the night another person with the same problem reported his computer configuration and I guess it is some problem with nVidia graphics driver failing to load.

First exploration of Ubuntu didn't even start. It looks like I'll have to wait for Colony 3 (or maybe even final version). Unless there is some workaround.

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Have you tried the 5.04 release?

I've only played with the LiveCD, but am seriously tempted. If they're able to do half the things they are aiming for with 5.10, I may well become a new advocate...
Nope, I haven't tried 5.04 yet. I think I'm just going to wait for Colony 3. I like to play with beta software and I like to help with reporting bugs. Also I'm not in such a hurry. Just checking out how it compares with Mandriva which my sister and cousin use now. I'm going to stay with Gentoo anyway.
Fair enough. Having different flavours of Linux is one of the reasons I'm warming to it - a variety of setups appeal to various groups of peoples.
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