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Software patents danger still here

While Poland saved all of us from the danger of software patents about a month ago, the danger will be back very soon again. As reported by Foundation for a Free Information Infrastructure:

During the meeting of the Council of Ministers next Monday, the agreement on the directive "On the Patentability of Computer-Implemented Inventions" is scheduled to be officially adopted. The Ministers of Agriculture and Fisheries of each EU member state will represent their country there.

The directive in its current form would pave the way for software patents. The EU parliament, which would have to deal with the directive next, would have considerable problems to prevent this.

Help us to draw your minister's attention to what they have to account for on Monday. Sign the open letter and place it on the home page of your web-site. If that appears too drastic for you, just link to the letter with a banner. When your minister uses the web, she or he should not miss what is of importance to many people. Also, complaining directly, e.g. by sending sending a fax, can be very helpful.

Similar net campaigns have, in the past, successfully caught public attention and gained influence. For further coordination of activities (e.g. translations/traductions/√úbersetzugen/traduzioni), the Wiki page FishDemo0501En is a valuable resource.

Don't forget to register your support.

Thank you!

So this is why you see the big Something fishy going on at the fishery meeting? at the top of my blog. I call all other bloggers to participate in this net campaign. Afterall, it is your freedom and rights that are at stake!

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