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We have a new TV

We just got a new TV today: Panasonic TX-29PM11P. It has a flat screen, 100 Hz refresh rate (very good for my eyes which are used to high refresh rate computer displays) and it has a visible diagonal of 68 cm (quite a lot bigger then our previous TV which only had 48 cm). What can I say... The picture is great, the sound is great and all of us are very satisfied with it. It also works very nicely with our KiSS DP-1000 media player. For example: as soon as we turn KiSS on the TV switches to it and when we turn KiSS off the TV switches back to the last TV channel.

Nice nice i saw that TV on the net and i like it very much. Congrtulations on your new and better TV!

LP Jernejovc
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