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More then 10000 visits

A little more then a month ago 5000th visitor came here to read this blog. And today we passed the 10000 visits milestone. Since the last report the number of visitors per day has risen from about 90 to about 140.

Web browser Firefox is still the dominant browser with 67%, and Internet Explorer has dropped to only 20%. Just keep on switching to Firefox, people! There was almost no change in the operating system statistics, except that now a lot of additional people using 64-bit Windows XP x64 for AMD64 compatible processors have visited my blog. Most are looking for 64-bit Firefox.

The largest change was in the visitor originating country stats. Slovenians now have the first place with 69%, USA is second with 15% and United Kingdom is third with 4%.

The most popular articles are:

  1. emule free download
  2. 64-bit Firefox for Windows XP x64
  3. Graphical Portage frontends
  4. Guitoo - graphical frontend for portage
  5. My Windows XP x64 Edition RC2 Benchmark

Thanks to all off you who come here to read this blog. And don't be afraid to add your comments to stories you read.

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Congratulations. 10.000 is really very big number.Keep on with good work!
How about a post on the things you did get readers and tips on writing a good blog
This is a very nice idea, basu. I'll try to write this some day.
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